?Bitcoin Is Moving! Historic Breakout! 11k Incoming! So Much GREAT Cryptocurrency News Today!

Bitcoin is Moving! So much GREAT cryptocurrency news today! Grab a beer (or a coffee). And ASK US A QUESTION! Let’s hangout and talk Bitcoin! Bitcoin news …


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  1. Etherium dropped from 4 percent to -35 In a matter of hours this afternoon. I Rebalanced my portfolio when it hit 2.35. I had to water the veggies and animals..but a 2 percent drop in less than an hour

  2. Voyager is a defi gem moving higher! It's run by former Uber and Etrade executives. It has most all the advantages of Coinbase (8 billion valuation) plus Swissborg combined with no fees!!

  3. A few days ago you said BTC in your own opinion “of course” would drop to $7K… now it’s at $11K. Glad I didn’t listen ? ?‍♂️

  4. $AMPL is one of the top trending searches in coingecko and now listed on #MXC_Exchange what a great news!! Almost hitting $3!! I just deposit my $AMPL and joined the PoS Savings. The rewards of AMPL PoS Saving is settled by AMPL, daily rewards=$AMPL holding amount * (APR/365). Sounds good to me!! Check it here https://www.mxc.com/pos/list

  5. I reallly liked the last bit. I think you guys should more often have people who can ask questions on spot since many of those are already in people's minds

  6. Hey, thanks for the quick look into Nimiq! Although it didn't do justice to this awesome project and their tech. Just take a look at OASIS, which will allow anyone wiht a bank account to directly and non-custodially buy crypto (BTC, ETH and NIM) with their bank account. It's so disruptive and will benefit the whole industry. That's what makes Nimiq special!

  7. Love the channel. Bitcoin finally pumped, the king is back but we cant forgot how much AltCoins Pump the last couples weeks too. 99% of alts will trend to 0, I am not so sure about this statement. I personally don't put my eggs is one basket.

    Merci for your contents and your hype energy!

  8. I have to be against alt coin daily on iota it is only temporarily centralized but after it grows it will be actually one of the most decentralized coin. The hack was from a 3rd party wallet…which can happen to anybody…the people with a ledger nano s were ok. Well I was. And iota (internet of things) connects anything Internet device together!!! Which perhaps it might not make you rich! But it will definitely get some gains. There is a whole airport already connected together with iota. The technology is brand new but it’s amazing you can find cars carts computers TVs absolutely anything with internet connecting together. Which makes everything run even faster! True technology for the future

  9. 34:50 people listen to these idiots, someone asks what is $agi looks @ coin market cap and the website & says its a shit coin. Excuse my language these dumb asses at least understand the project before labeling names.

    Cisco doesn't think agi as a shit coin, so does PayPal & a lot of fortune 500 cos. What an absolute idiot.

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