?Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. I Am Still Bullish!

Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. Despite That, I Am Still Bullish! CNBC: Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this …


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  1. I don’t you will get to see low 4,5, or 6k ever again …just like the folks that were waiting for sub 3k …markets are not stupid and ltc has already started to make a move which tips me off BTC going hot again

  2. ….and lift off! When the sheeps want cheap BTC < $6000 and there is fear everywhere, the market does the exact opposite. Pump it and let them chase it to the top.

  3. Excellent contents..
    Can you elaborate more about the best approach for stable coins ? Why it losses it’s value over time ?
    Many thanks ?

  4. Take a look at AGI / SingularityNET 😉
    – Only AI marketplace with no competitors
    – AI's can network with each other via the platform.
    – 17 trillion market by 2030
    – AGI developers rank among the best AI developers in the world
    – Developer of Hanson Robotics and 200 other team members
    – Project already founded in 2008
    – Over 20 partnerships among others with Pingan (largest insurer in the world)
    – Promotion of AI startups via SingularityNET (similar to Binance Labs)
    – Hiring AI Developers via the Platform
    – Running Beta
    – Listed by Binance for free (without community voting)
    – Github No. 14 of the Cryptocurrencies with the most progress and publications
    – Coinmarketcap Rank 170

  5. Could you speak about how to invest a retirement account in bitcoin? I do not have enough hard cash, but I have $ in a retirement account (457b) that I'd like to use for bitcoin but retirement accounts have their own limitations on how you can use that money.

  6. Great points and thorough research. Wouldnt be surprised at some sort of massive pullback to be honest, i mean, we blew up past 6k like a hot knife through butter. It was kind of surreal, and I imagine we will eventually test 6k again… but I could be wrong.

    Personally I'm not thinking we will see 4.8k BTC but if you've been around this crypto space long enough you'll know anything can happen.

    If we dump down to 4.8k it'll be on the back of some SERIOUS bad news story like USA or Europe jailing people for owning crypto or something. It is possible but I'm hoping it doesn't happen.

    Thanks again man.

  7. This dude is a champ.. thank you for the daily knowledge
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    look it up yourself if your interested, I just want the referral bounty lol

    your welcome and thank you!

  8. Peer to peer block chain is a transparent system that the government can still have a look in the metadata years later and tax the imaginary money
    Bitcoin is working with the technology towards implanting a chip in our body and if we don't comply with big brothers narrative we get switched off! (( Watch the movie in time with Justin Timberlake that will explain things a bit better))

  9. In my expert opinion…the price will either go up or go down. I'm 100% confident of my prediction.

  10. This prediction is not longer relevant to the latest chart. Bitcoin is very strong and I hope you will try to identify the chart based on the fundamental.
    So many experts are even predicted if btc goes even lower than all time dip. That's why I was buying veil because bitcoin will get bull trend soon and my altcoin gets a huge impact after that.

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