?Bitcoin About To SMASH 2019 Price High! Fidelity, CFTC, & Amazon Crypto News!

Market Analysis | Fidelity Says Institutional Investment Will Greatly Increase Within 5 Years | CFTC Explosion Of Crypto Interest | Amazon Launches Blockchain


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  1. The CFTC is corrupt as evidenced by the manipulation of the metals markets both gold and silver. Paper shorts control the market not physical metal there are mornings where you will see a $Billion dollar paper dump in gold it's a joke. If the CFTC gets involved the bankers will control the markets and create derivatives which will then control the price. With government it's about control not free markets.

  2. My heart and mind say we are going up for good no pullback…only slight if it does…crypto is very different today than the past…way more advancements….I think it's time…..it hammertime

  3. I am using BTC to load up my Bitpay card. So it is really currency now. I am HODLing the popular altcoins little by little. Bitcoin might be prominent for now, but its competitors will catch up.

  4. Hey.. you guys ever jump on other shows.. would love to have you as a guest on Support & Resistance! Would be a good time!

  5. You, DataDash and ChartGuys are the only crypto stuff I watch on YT.

    My question is, with all this awesome news that keeps coming out why are the masses so blind about crypto?

    What never ceases to amaze me is how many people I still encounter who have never heard of Bitcoin or if they have, that's the ONLY crypto they know. We are not early adopters in one sense (this market has been around for about a decade) but on another level we are. Times are exciting for sure.

    If you guys are fortunate enough to be able to sink a ton of money into BTC( sorry, I am NOT confident that alts are a decent investment) you will be rewarded.

  6. One thing I've been asking myself about this coming bull/bust cycle… is will it be the same? With mass adoption and institutional involvement, will we still bust at 100X from the bottom (or whatever number X)? Will things continue up with less volatility after a 100X because Bitcoin, Ether are a part of everyday investor's Fidelity, T D Ameritrade, E-Trade, etc, etc.?

    My question for myself when we break $300-400k, is do I cash out and not be greedy, or is this time different?

    Oh the dilemma of what is to come… lol.

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  8. What do you think of WoToken( a token from Neraex Exchange)? My friend said it offers min. 8% return monthly. Website is wotoken.pro He’s making good money. But I am doubtful about that. Could you offer me your professional point of view? My email is ho_grayson@yahoo.com

    The following are their statements:

    ​​●WO NOTES

    WOTOKEN will open corporate office and registration in Australia for integration of WOEX exchange.

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    For those who own WOR token, there are three future revenue streams to earn from when exchange launches.

    1. WOR token price-rise earnings (we never promise/guarantee value increases, but it is highly possible for WOR to increase several-tenths of a point after the exchange alliance ?)

    2.WOEX Exchange IEO Coin Airdrop will be according to the quantity held by WOTOKEN (WOR token)

    3. Exchange fees will be shared among WOR holders, it is paid according to the position held by WOTOKEN. (if you and downline is in the same class, the member below receives the fee.)

    After the exchange opens, a global roadshow around the world will be conducted to announce all details in specific, but basically what it means is that holding WOR token, will increase your earnings and revenue from the entire platform, this is first hand information ?

    Everyone, WOTOKEN is now at the starting line. We hope you enjoy the coming price increase and vision of WOTOKEN.

    Information about IEO.

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