🔴 US Economy is headed for a “DISASTER of EPIC Proportion”! 🔴

US Economy is headed for a “DISASTER of EPIC Proportion”! Cardano, Solana, Gala, Ethereum, ETH L2 (IMX, MATIC, zkSync) + …


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  1. Just bought my groceries on Amazon, had it dropped off at my front door, made my life really convenient. Things like Amazon make peoples lives better. It's obvious why it's taken over.
    Picked up cigars from my local shop. It's obvious why people drink smoke fuck. It makes you feel good 👍
    I'll probably head to equinox to work out. Need to be strong.
    I love my car. It's sexy. It's a symbol of wealth and success. It gets me laid. It makes me feel good looking at it.
    I like to hike and surf. I like the pool and drinks. It's just fun. Spending time with the ladies. Listening to music, watching movies.
    Anyway, where does this crypto "world of freedom" come into play in my life? 😂
    Cryptos (and PayPals) original purpose was provide a globally recognized currency that couldn't be used by governments to rip off the public, something that couldn't be taken from you or tracked back to you…
    But all of those things have been shown to be happening to bitcoin holders…. You can't buy it without ID, you can't use a mixer anymore for privacy, and they can get your keys wherever you are hiding them and take your money.
    And if bitcoin was as good as ethereum, and didn't rely on burning through gigawatts of power and mountains of computer cards, as soon as the government makes it mainstream, regulates it, gives it approval, they're gonna buy most of it, and it'll be THEIR printing press to do the same thing they're doing with fiat. And they don't have to give ANY of it away if they choose to do that. They can just give out IOU's in the form of their own digital US dollar crypto
    So again, long time ethereum supporter, buyer of doge, but we have STILL NOT SEEN the advantage of crypto for everyday people, and I don't think we will until something like doge is on everyone's phone, and you earn interest, anyone, by just having it, allowing your phone to validate transactions. Something that grows in value that the people all use, that's not controlled by government, that provides economic and financial freedom and stability, that could work. But the government still gets to determine if it fights back. But if there's a secure, private way for it to just work on everyone's phone, and people can trust it, and everyone gets richer with it, then it should work. But bitcoin having huge mining farms and having all of it centralized in those big farms and burning power and ASIC rigs, that seems stupid and much easier to suppress, because you need physical buildings you can't hide very well, in order to keep it going, where as doge and Ethereum are just sitting on computers people have anyway.

  2. The Fed is offcourse as corrupt as they come. Deep State puppets; creating a totalitarian tecnocracy based on communism. They’re destroying the little banks; and are centralizing their power and paving the road to CBDC’s; financial dictatorship. Wake up!

  3. You can't fight the Feds.. not even the wealth of Banks can fight the Feds.. so your crypto is not safe.. they will choke your crypto out. Or make it so you can't spend it.. just like having it in the Banks.. Maybe Gold back DOLLARS ? ?

  4. This is all fear driven by right-wing conservatives who are trying to win the white house back in the next election cycle by crashing the economy. Mark my words

  5. Thanks so much for focusing on the tightening and expanding. It’s crazy. Also, is the nasdaq the next target of the SEC 😂

  6. It's called the great reset… the collapse of the US dollar, leading to a one world currency and mark of the beast… this is end times stuff like the Bible says guys

  7. This isn't rocket science. They want us all dependent on them so they can inact socialism. They are inflating the dollar making everything more expensive while at the same time raising rates squeezing everyone.

  8. *The truth is with this recent economy Everyone needs more than there salary to be financially stable. The the best thing to do with your money is to lnvest it rightly because money left for saving always end up used with no returns*..😊

  9. Biden and his assholes deciced to go to war with Russia, Iran, China, India, Crypto, fossil fuels, developing nations and Americans. It would be great to see this issue resolved before it costs us our lives.

  10. Shit politicians made the mess, Powell is supposed to clean it all but he cannot and will be blamed and replaced for another who will not do it too. Then people will vote shit politicians in this forever loop.

  11. I do not trust our government. I do not trust our financial system….I do not trust anything they say!!!! Buying Gold….buying Silver…..that is all that matters now!!!

  12. Trust me…its just a fancy word…they dont know what they are doing…simple printing and creating a fake fund for bank liquidity and pretend this fund will dissolve once bank runs stop…it will just create greater inflation

  13. I’m highly aware that we’re headed for a wall of disaster but what does that mean exactly!??? A depression, high food prices, stock market tanking…???

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