? BREAKING: Every Single 7/11, CVS, & Rite Aid In America Will Now SELL BITCOIN In Store!

Bitcoin Is About To EXPLODE In The United States! Every Single 7/11, CVS, & Rite Aid In America Will Now SELL BITCOIN (In Store). Find Out The Details IN …


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  1. This is awesome! Let’s just say bitcoin drops a lot. I can get some cash and buy it in an hour! I don’t have to wait to send it to my exchange from bank. That way takes too long and bitcoin probably has went back up. I love it!

  2. digital currencies coming fast…..get on CHAINLINK, ZILLIQA, RIPPLE/xrp, CRYPTO.COM before u are left behind check out the EBCL Northern Lights conference with Christine Lagaarde

  3. Will btc moon? Its 50 50 chance for me. Good we moving digital but lets,be careful because its not always what see in the open with our very naked eyes that is true. Great deception coming lets be watchful guys. Love u all but be careful.

  4. Son of Satoshi says “Calm the f*ck down people! No need to feel anxious in trying to time the market or to feel impatient. This is the factual trend of bitcoin SUPPORT LEVELS that we have seen (thus far) and that we shall see in all likelihood over time”.

    2015 … 300 USD
    2017 … 1,000 USD
    2019 … 3,000 USD
    2020 … 5,000 USD <— we are here
    2021 … 8,000 USD
    2022 … 10,000 USD
    2023 … 18,000 USD
    2025 … 100,000 USD
    2030 … 1,000,000 USD

    Graph of this can be seen here https://sites.google.com/site/bitcoinforecastbywokebeast/

  5. I think it's good to own bitcoin now later no because it will be more easy to hack in the future with quantum computers. I would only buy gold and silver it can't be hacked.

  6. Bitcoin just drop. But still expensive.
    Go buy ADA, more affordable.
    US always and will be falling behind other country like Asian and European.

    If you haven't travel to any of those countries. Go and see it for yourself how advance they are.

  7. You messed me up man. I’ve been trading at coinbase, no ISSUE. I’ve had coins for 6 years.

    I’ve came over to uphold, sent my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO, and they froze all my funds. I’ve verified 2 ids ; answered all questions and it’s frozen. I can’t even believe I listened to you, next time use your god damn head and review properly. Coinbase and bitstamp have never just froze my funds and couldn’t even trade it. I can understand if it was withdrawl halted. Next time don’t recommend a piece of shit exchange if you didn’t bring any value over.

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