? Big Things Are Happening With Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum Update]

Big things are happening in cryptocurrency. Today I share with you the most recent bitcoin, ethereum, and XRP news! Get excited! Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Very informative! Suggestion: please stop calling us "Holders" "Hodlers". Newbies are confused enough with all the arcane terms used in the cryptoverse and this idiotic name has outlived its novelty.

  2. UBT (unibright) will be onboarding traditional business to blockchain. They are doing this via the Ethereum enterprise alliance – MEGA

    Plus UBT is connected to Salesforce and DAML!!!

    Connect the dots !

  3. I just got into XRP and really like what I hear about ripple and XRP and its future outlook. The only issue I have is with the high amount of coins presently in circulation which is presently 47 billion. What effect will that have one XRP hitting and going over its past high?

  4. The greatest polymaths on the planet are working on bitcoin and mostly consider ethereum an infantile joke. The majority of devs on ethereum are techies that love tech but know nothing about monetary history. You guys…Ethereum is a complicated joke. I'm sorry. I was also a believer for a while. Not anymore.

  5. It's good for America to create wealth from xrp. Ripple seems to b generous and best to have that new wealth in your back yard..US govt stands to benefit so it's a no brainer if and or when xrp moons

  6. ???? Seems like every single company in the world wants their hands on Bitcoin & Ethereum & the crypto industry in general.

    We are most certainly going to overshoot $100k BTC price.


  7. I had found these very long time with +1 (213) 632-6544 who help me with my house rent and money to feed my family trustworthy and honest I now believe btc is real

  8. Recently, a pi network is very hot, but I do not know if it is a scam so just for hearing your opinions.
    * Pi Coin (Pi Network) is a new cryptocurrency developed by a Ph.D. team at Stanford University in California. Since its establishment on March 14, 2019, there have been more than 1 million users in half a year, and it is now close to 5 million. Because when eth reached $ 50, there were only 500,000 users. If the value is a concept created by people, then this thing seems to be next bitcoin.
    * Pi network roadmap:
    Phase 1 (current): This plan starts on March 14, 2019, and you can use your mobile phone to dig coins at zero cost
    The second stage: decentralization, blockchain & formal trading on the trading platform, expected to be listed on the exchange on March 14, 2020
    * This is the official website of the pi network: https://minepi.com/
    It uses mobile phones to dig out coins. It is said on the Internet that no electricity, no ram, and no mobile phone performance will be used. Although it is zero value now, it is really difficult to guarantee that one day it will become the next bitcoin. If it is a scam, there seems no big disadvantage. Invite code is needed to apply for an account (it should be the reason that it has 5 million users). If you want, you can use me ( wong101095), but if you do not, just find it on the Internet, how do you guys think of this Pi network?

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