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  1. I just been scammed a couple days ago! Fortunately, I check their IDs, and saw that they have no video contributions. That alarms me right there! We need people like you warn newbies! Don't let these scumbags scammed people's hard earn money!!!

  2. As far as scam ads, I have been using Kiwi browser on my phone for almost a year without a single ad while watching YT videos. Same for Chrome browser (on desktop only, not phone) with an ad blocker. Not much we can do about the scammers in the comments, except ignore them.

  3. MY POINT IS: you crypto youtubers are the worst. The emotional way all of you report on alts and crypto is egregious – all hype and overly emotional content – SUPPOMAN anyone?! You think you are different, but you are all the same. Not to mention that all of you do the same thing, manipulating your viewership scamming people by getting paid by projects to support your channel and then dumping on your viewers – I hope the new people in the space are smarter than those from 2017, but they probably will fall for all the hype too, etc.

  4. Great heads up… I'm now seeing these Ethereum scams as adverts placed in front of videos. Youtube are a disgrace for allowing this, do they not vet adverts before showing them?

  5. This is how I lost 0.001 btc I happily got from a faucet's max score when it was worthless, I could not belive scams were going to be advertised on youtube years ago…

  6. I shit my pants today, but out of the question to sell. Just what this whales want us to do. Not anymore, I'm 1 cycle older now. Just thinking of Covid plandemic and helycopter money. No way anything is better then crypto, this guys know it as well, they want to enter as cheep possible.

  7. i said it once & i say it again. youtube (& other social media platforms) care more about conspiracy theorists & political videos/comments. then they do scams & identity theft.

  8. I'm glad I found this channel. I almost got scammed.on another channel with the same scammer crap that they are doing everywhere.thankfully I try and research every possible thing I can .it s rediculous what these people do .that thing called karma always catches them?

  9. My boss Deeveeaar. And me and the team report them as fast as you we can. But tbh youtube is doing nothing to stop it . This needs to be stoped so please everyone if you see them streams on YouTube report them the more people do that the faster YouTube will take them down . Tell your friends and family to help stop this . Great channel thanks for reporting on the scams on YouTube

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