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  1. It's not possible to predict future of btc based on selected data that favours future that you want mate. Btc is going down, there is no other way. Traders and holders are tyred of same prices. Hodlers went on holidays. Why fight the unavoidable?
    And the whole predictions are based on data that video creator want to present.

  2. I invested in Bitcoin@ 53,000.
    I'm leaving it and letting it ride.
    Only way I will buy more, is if it ever hits 20k or less, which I highly doubt we'll see again.
    I'm sure we'll see 6 figures…
    I think it's going to be 2022 when we do, the way things are going.

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  6. guys, have you heard about this new ido launchpad coming up called yieldpad….seems interesting…. They have dealt with issues with current platforms and came up with a winning formula

  7. guys, have you heard about this new ido launchpad coming up called yieldpad….seems interesting…. They have dealt with issues with current platforms and came up with a winning formula

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