⚠️ The Bitcoin Pullback Has Begun | Apple Announces Crypto Update for iOS 13 | SEC Bombshells

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  1. What do you think of ETC and its value projection short and long term? I enjoy your videos. Thank you for giving your time and knowledge.

  2. Thanks for the great video as always. People like me is selling now to buy even more BTC when the correction is complete. Of course this target price changes person to person. I am looking for 30 % and will be buying gradually from low 7ks. Target is 30% more BTC in my wallet within 3 weeks max.

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  4. The sec was just stalling until their buddies from facebook and Apple, and J.P Morgan and the rest of them could get ready to launch their own cryptos. Now the sec is gonna come in and try and wipe out as much of the competition as they can. I thought it was taking a long time for them to make their ruling. It all makes sense now.

  5. guys under 10k its cheap as hell, remember when it surpassed 1k a second time and all people predicted 10k but nobody belived it ?
    Its the same , now we are at ~near 10k they predict 100k and nobody believes it. i have calculated 3 possible peaks 140k , 200k and 287k intepolated from last low-to-high and high to high lay over 2014 / 2018 ~95% match https://imgur.com/gallery/OzrKcBF

  6. I've been buying around 3500 and I've never sold any. I don't want to risk having to buy back in at a higher price. I might not get as rich as others but all of us here now will have more than those who are not here. I enjoy your guys videos everyday, thanks for all the great information you share with us.

  7. Thanks for another great video Austin ? just wanted to let you know that a few months back …there was a hard fork and I received some SBV to my coinbase account. I received 0.14$ as of now it's at 0.50$ . Kinda random I know. But mind you SBV is not even supported on coinbase. So.. ..? I can't sell it or even accumulate it. I can only trade it to another account or wallet.

  8. Now everyone bought in the bottom but when we were in front of the screen at that time everyone was waiting for a volume of claudication that did not arrive and we were left out. I love how the Youtubers tell the past.

  9. ive lost 50 euros in cryptocurrency value last year, but im pretty sure ill earn that back if i just hold on to it a bit more. I have 9000 more euros i can invest but I'm just not good enough with predicting stock exchange to safely invest that

  10. I was talking with a guy I haven’t seen in a year last night and he had never heard of bitcoin or cryptocurrency and had no idea whatsoever what it was. I was in disbelief so I asked him in about three different ways but he really had no idea. I see no way but up for Crypto as it gets introduced to the rest of the population.

  11. Just saw ur this video once,liked it very much in fact LOVED IT, made me think of investing in bitcoin….how & where should I start,long term goal is to fund treatment,I'm paraplegic & bed Bound,just need a direction regarding Cryptocurrency. I await ur reply…Many thanks in advance.
    All the best.

  12. Current price just a hair under 8k… Not seeing a big pull back there. The spike to 9 was the news. The slow steady climb to 8 was and is the trend and a slow walk up to 9 and 10 is what i am hoping for. Not liking the jumps. Slow and steady wi s every race. 🙂

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